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At Life’s Worth Living Foundation it is our mission to reduce these alarming numbers and ultimately eradicate the suicide epidemic. Based out of Tooele, Utah we provide free education and resources to people of all ages on a variety of emotional health topics. As a non-profit organization we have a perpetual endowment fund that provide high school students impacted by a loss of a family member due to suicide a scholarship to attend a college of their choice. We’ve already awarded 2 scholarships at Grantsville and Tooele High School. Our ultimate goal is to raise enough money to give away not only more scholarships, but larger amounts, every year, forever.

In honor of the countless veterans we have lost to suicide, we are also raising money to erect a beautiful statue dedicated to all those that have served and been affected by PTSD and depression in the Tooele City Veterans Memorial Park.

Your tax deductible donations are what keep Life’s Worth Living operational and ensure that we can make these ambitious goals happen for years to come. Thank you for all your help.

0 Lives’ Claimed By Suicide Every Year
0 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day
0% Show Prior Signs Of Intention
0% of Suicides Affected by Depression & Alcohol
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Bringing people together under one roof and openly sharing thoughts and ideas without judgement is a major facet to our mission. Every individual deserves an approachable network of qualified outlets and to feel welcome to speak what’s on their mind.

It is our goal at Life’s Worth Living Foundation to grow this community of change by fostering connections, getting people involved in the discussion, and giving these communities a place to grow. Not every has the time to look into finding help for themselves or their loved ones. This is why we want to create free and accessible resources that help connect people to caring communities.

Our calendar displays upcoming events and important dates regarding not only suicide awareness, but also a variety of public events that are free to attend. If you’d like to host an activity, event, or want to make a suggestion – please contact us! We really love collaboration and we are excited to hear your ideas.

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